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Default Truth in chaos question

I don't know if this is the right place to post this because it's about the deleted scenes game... but here it goes...

recently (about an hour ago) i found an area in the truth in chaos level of cz:deleted scenes that has me puzzled.

after you rescue the hostages there is an area with a little garden area surrounded by the building and terrorists. In this area there is a statue of budda where i found that if you press 'use' 3 times while looking at it, will open a new door. If you follow this new passage you will find an area that looks a lot like the briefing location at the beginning of the level. You can find ammunition and life in here but also there is a button on the left side of the wall when you enter. Pressing this drops the floor out in the middle so that you are very deep under ground and are surronded by all the bosses and a few hostages, none of which see you. This is where i'm confused. Is this a secret cool little area where just finding it is the reward? Or is there something else you can do while you're down there? I found that killing everyone is a bad idea and you will be ambushed after you've done it.

again, i don't know where to post this or if this questions been answered yet... sorry if i've done anything wrong.

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