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Default Re: CS:CZ Pack Build #2

Condition Zero Skins
Made for STEAM 1.6
Build #2

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OR else no more updates [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

10/21/03 - update
*fixed knife (now right handed)
*added ALL CZ player models
*added all CZ sprites
*added CZ splash
*added CZ starting music
*added ingame VGUI pictures for players and wepaons
*added CZ decals wad

10/20/03 - update
*added all w_ and v_ models, except for shield and knife
*added all 1.6 used sounds
*added cs:cz hud (not colored)

Installation - step by step
*use winRAR or WinZip to extract
*put ALL contents into:
ex. C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppsYOUR@EMAIL.COMCounter-Strikecstrike

To come - Build #3
*hostage models
*new CZ maps (dust etc)
*new CZ wads

Shoutz - and ty's

thygged tearz is a lame wannabe..
I just love your skins and I wanted to thank you so much! But there are still some problems with it, so I thought I might help you out. First, we need player models and world models for C4, and all the granades. The shield/weapon models are missing too. My other problems is a wierd one... When I kill someone with a Galil or FAMAS, and the names n00b_sKiLLz and the "person I killed" comes up at the upper right hand corner of the screen, but I don't see a picture of a Galil or FAMAS indicating that killed with that weapon... All I get is a big fat orange box...

Ex) n00b_sKiLLz[ORANGE BOX]"person I killed"

Anyways, I hope you fix those problems in your next build! I love your models!
They aren't his skins, he only compiled them on 1.6 and that orange box thing , i get that too, i think the sprite weren't finshed in this version of cz or they just missed it.
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