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Default Difficulty system messed up (Skill = -1)

I'm playing 'pursuit'. At this time I have died A LOT of times (10 times or more on this level). I get SWARMED by guys with miniguns. I started the game with both sliders at the fourth setting, so the game should get easier, right? I guessed that that should be equivalent to the normal setting, a little bit harder than the default.

In the Stats-dialog the Skill reads now -1.J# and the Challenge is 0.00. At this point in the last savegame I have 12 health left, I only got there by saving every step, I die as soon as the car stops at the gate because even a shotgun pellet kills me instantly.

I'm really hoping that this is a bug, because I don't think that I'm a bad player. When I quit the game and reload the last savegame the Skill is 75.05 and the Challenge setting is 46, as soon as I die it goes to -1.

any advice?

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