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Default Re: Theory on why Gearbox let ritual do CS:CZero

I loved Opforce
I would have to agree that it was a great mission pack. Im not sure how many levels it came with though but im sure it wasnt 128 + like what half life had. It seemed long enough for me to be happy with. They also left like a billion different possible game play options that they didnt even have a chance to really take advantage of. They must have had just about any kind of gun and at least 30 different monsters who almost all hated each other hehe. Any of the maps I designed for it never left my hard drive though =(
I was working on Quake 3 comunity stuff at the time and never found a chance to explore the ideas fully. That add on pack is 20 add on packs in creative hands. they added more monsters and stuff than they could deal with!
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