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Default stupid sheep or stupid me??

Ok before u all tihnk what the hell is this guy on about, ok NO im no from New Zealand or like Levelord.
And as some of u know i breed sheep.
Well yesturday some how a group or ewes (girls) got in with the rams (boys, there were 4 in total)
So i had to get them out. So i chaced them out of the paddock i managed to catch one and i put him back in the paddock and then another ram followed him, so im thinking well this is easy only 2 more rams to go.
I ram then down in top the lane way i had a couple of friends there that were helping me. So down the laneway the rams and ewes ran, now this laneway has a dead end to it, so they were all caught, i manached to catch one of them, i stood over him so i would have more control over him, now this is were the stroy gets all fuzzy as i dont remember sometihng to do with head injurys but im raceing a head here, the other remaining ram that was not caught jumped up and i managed to grab him around the neck and next thing i know i open my eyes up and im in the ground and the hole world is spinning and i have a really sour right side i laid there for a while untill it all stoped spinning, well went to the hospital so it seems that i have fracured a rib and brused 3
So that was all a pritty eventfull day, im now sitting here and my sit hurts a lot, but im getting JK2 tommorow so i really dont care and today and tommorow are days off school for me now [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] so it is all good
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