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Default Re: Censorship in the Steam version of SiN?

all this trouble about nudity and sexual content...

isn't something going on about tomb raider: legend in the us because of a nude texture, that is only visible in the editor (not used in the game)?

i mean, where do these people, who are so prude, get their children, whom they want to "protect" from sexual content, from? the stork?

very interesting, that the only thing they complain about in a game, where you can murder, hit and run, steal, rob and so on (gta) is a minigame about sex, which wasn't even implemented...

some kind of annoys me, that because of them we don't get some things the way they should be. don't want to know what the average us gamer would say if games were censored concerning violence, because of stupid german anti-violence issues...

btw: shouldn't nudity in games be protected by the us constitution? freedom of speech and such? even nazi-propaganda is protected by that...
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