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Default Re: Cannot compile any maps !!!

Fixed. It was the Q3MAP.EXE

For some reason I had one dated :7/26/00 12:27
The one that actually works is dated :9/17/00 5:59

+ the qe4 file needed changing as follows :-

"texturepath" "e:/fakktools/fakk/textures/"
"entitypath" "e:/fakktools/entities/entities.def"
"modelpath" "e:/fakktools/fakk/models/*.tik"
"mapspath" "e:/fakktools/fakk/maps/example"
"rshcmd" ""
"remotebasepath" "e:/fakktools/fakk"
"basepath" "e:/fakktools/fakk"
"autosave" "e:/fakktools/fakk/maps/autosave/"
"bsp_FastVis" "! e:\fakktools\bin\q3map -all -fast -gamedir e:/fakktools/fakk $"
"bsp_FullVis" "! e:\fakktools\bin\q3map -all -gamedir e:/fakktools/fakk $"

Finally back to mapping


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