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Default Re: Fix For Joystick Spin Found

We tried seven different sticks without getting a repro. The eighth stick did repro until we calibrated the stick.

We had no intention of giving joystick users the shaft. The settings that we used were the default joystick deadzone settings recommended by Microsoft.

That said, we focused the majority of our testing efforts on the control scheme that would be used by 99.99% of our customer base. Sales of PC joysticks are at a record low right now, partly because of the dearth of flight simulator and related titles for the PC, partly because the Microsoft Common Controller has been known to be coming for some time and controller manufacturers are trying to determine what to do going forward. DirectInput is effectively deprecated in favor of XInput, which is pretty much a wrapper for the Xbox 360 Controller. XInput has no support whatsoever for older DirectInput devices like joysticks. Even with the testing we did do on joysticks and gamepads, there is no way that we could test every possible DirectInput-compatible input device.

For DirectInput, all you had to do is report yourself as a joystick and you were good. There was no quality standard (dead zone, float, etc.) To be an XInput device, you have to comply with at least a base quality standard (stick stays inside a dead zone by default, etc.)

So my question would be this: Before editing your second post, you had admitted that your stick wasn't exactly centered.

Your fix does nothing to address the centering of the stick. It just grows the deadzone to the point where the off-centering doesn't matter.

Are you saying that we should grow the deadzone to accomodate people with substandard equipment at the risk of causing a less-than-ideal experience for people who have properly calibrated joysticks?

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