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Well sure, but your playlist will be really weird [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

As you might have noticed, music in this game only plays at certain times, so the music fits whatever event is currently happening. If you were to replace them with your own music, you'd have to work out which music should go where, and some might be played several times, while some won't get played at all.

Doing it is the easy part though. Using GCFScape, open "sinepisodes sounds.gcf" found in your SteamApps directory, and examine the directory structure in it. Now, duplicate it in your game folder (SteamApps\[account]\sin episodes emergence\SE1) for any folders containing files you want to replace. So in your case, create a "sound" folder and in that a "music" folder. Now, you won't be able to extract the music from the game in order to listen to what music you're replacing, since most of the music in the music folder is copy-protected and can only be played in-game. But at least you can see the file names, which is what you need.
So say you want to replace the song at the main menu (not that I'd understand why, since it rocks). That song is called "wwct_mix_new.mp3". So you just put whatever .mp3 you want in your newly created SE1\sound\music, and rename it "wwct_mix_new.mp3". Start the game and you should hear your own song play instead of Zak's brilliant composition [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

It works the same for any other music files (or files of whatever kind) that you want to override. When you've had enough and want the original music back, just delete/move/rename you folder/files and the ones residing in the .gcf will kick back in.

Wow... I just tried that with an R.E.M. song while typing it to make sure it worked ok... Now THAT felt weird, having Blade rocking gently back and forth to the music...

Yeah, wisecode just told you how to see which files are being played.
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