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Default Re: PLEASE NO

Originally posted by JezzyBall:

> How can a vehicle that removes the middle and allows artists
> to get thier work directly to the people be bad? No more EA

that vehicle is bad cause:
its closed and proprietary
its controlled by a single company
it kills pc games as physical packaged box products
it forces everyone, let me repeat everyone to take the same
route, to use the same vehicle and takes away all other choices
that vehicle is basically called MONOPOLY!

> stories that may not be commercially viable for big studios
> (Think Independant Films)

no, its not independent... its VALVE DEPENDENCY
you choose steam you became valve dependant!

> Your obviously and bandwagon bitcher without a solid
> reason....wait and see - when the product comes out. Then
> only one group gets the glory or the blame. Ritual.

don't you see my only issue is not with the actual product
i own sin, i bought sin, i patched sin, i played sin!
i enjoyed sin so i love the idea of a sequel!
i want to buy and play a sin sequel!
my only problem is the distribution
my only complain is ritual abandoning the traditional way of
selling pc games and adopting the new intrusive and extremely
monopolistic thing called steam

> I think they'd want it that way.

i'm a ritual customer
i bought and played ritual past pc games
i only came to this group showing my disappointment for ritual
choosing steam as the way to sell and make us play their games
so i'm only asking that the sin sequel will be sold the same
as the original sin
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