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Default Re: func_train stopping

Originally posted by Grantax:
so in trigger_relay i should have the bomb_timer (trigger_sequence) on KillTarget.
I thought if i killed that entity it will just prevent me to use that entity again, not to stop it, because it's already triggered.. But i'll try, thanks

1. What program do you use to get text to speech?
2. The bomb's have an ambient_generic with a sound that lasts 6 minutes and 6 seconds, is it possible to make it play until it's finished, because it doesn't...
3. in env_missionfailure, i chose 174 0 0 as color (Blood Red) when the screen fades, why is it still black?
FX Amount at 255 and Opacity at 0
Well, killtargeting an entity remove it permanently from the game, and there is no way to "recall" it. But, who cares, when the bomb is disarmed you don't need anymore the counter, right?

1-Freeware/shareware good programs for sound editing are Goldwave and Cool Edit, search with google (because i don't remember the website).

2-You have a sound that has 6 minutes and 6 seconds of duration? Or you wont the sound wil be played for this time?
(sorry but i don't understand english very well)

Anyway, if you go to the Verc site, you find information on almost all the HL related entities.
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