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Default Re: Is CZ coming to Xbox? Any Details? LIVE?

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IGN: Nonetheless, this move takes a big Xbox Live game and moves it further into the future. Does this mean we can expect an announcement of another premier Xbox Live title to replace Halo 2 this Christmas?

EF: We are going to announce some games at E3 that haven't been announced before that should be for Holiday, some of which support Xbox Live, some of which don't. I can tell you one game that people are excited about and that's Counter-Strike. That's going to be a big.

Ed Fries, Microsoft Games Studios Chieftain

[/ QUOTE ]

Valve, Microsoft or Sierra will announce who's porting Counter-Strike to the Xbox and reveal what features it will include during E3 in May. Until then you won't get any information from employees of Ritual Entertainment because they certainly won't comment on rumors or speculation.

Note that Ritualistic is the official fansite and is not involved in product development.
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