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You can't drive cars in Emergence(I think).
The car was written as drivable by someone at Ritual, all you need to do is place the car on the map, walk to it and press use (on driver door) and you can drive it (WASD controls, space is brake).

I am not great with AI, I don't know all the entites by heart, but I guess you could make a trigger to check if all the grunts are dead and then, if they are, run a script on Jessica.
I'd rather make some kind of script that only checks grunts around her. The levels will eventually have lots of grunts all over the place. I'd rather Jessica only stop to kill grunts if they are within viewing distance of her -- otherwise she'd never stop killing them long enough to follow the player around / hop in the car.

If you need more detailed help I might have some time later today to make you an example map.
I'd greatly appreciate that
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