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Default Re: windows xp and v-synce help needed

I read the response from 8-15, didn't see another in the next two days, and forgot about the post since it seemed to answer my question. Today I'm reading the forums, notice the post is still here, read it, and get a smile out of it.
English is my first language btw, American English that is, hehe. I guess I didn't make my question too clear looking back on it.
Anyways, what I meant was this. I was, at the time, playing SiN Episodes in windowed mode in an effort to get the game to run a bit smoother. I tried enabling v-sync while playing in a window, and it didn't work, game still had tearing which I could only stop by putting it into full screen mode. I then tried City of Heroes in window, noticed it tore also when there was some decent horizontal movement going on even with v-sync enabled.
What I meant by the comment about DVD's was that when I watch a DVD, using Cyberlink player, I can have it either full screen or windowed and it still does not tear visually when there is movement in the scenes. This is opposed to SiN:E which did tear, or even a Quicktime movie, which can tear pretty badly with a lot of movement going on. Or, for that matter, side scrolling arcade style games. I'm thinking it might have to do with hardware overlay from my GF6800 providing v-sync only for DVD movies maybe? No idea, but the remark about v-sync only working in 3-D seemed to be the reason, at least fullscreen 3-D where the game was concerned, so I didn't bother to read the post again. In fact, I'm not even sure why I'm responding now, lol. Guess I was just in the mood to.

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