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Default Re: Medikits in single-player.

You get your health back in between every round in counter strike. Most of the time you can also get your armor and ammo back if you can spare the cash. If you think about it a certain way accounting for the many vast and subtle differences of a single player game verses a multiplayer game you can draw some similarities. In single player you donít have rounds that reset your health. However, if you look closely at the game flow of Half life and Opposing force you might notice that you need to beat areas with bad guys and when the fighting is over you almost always find a room that gives you a stock pile of health and ammo. Though single player tends to keep you on your toes when it comes to just when you will find these stock piles it is very similar to the idea of rounds that reset you back to 100 health. After every big fight in a single player game you will always tend to find an equally large stock pile to allow you to play through the next round of fighting. Thus we are not straying as far from the Counter Strike world as you might think we are by allowing you to pick up health.
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