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Yes, that is the error I'm currently working on, it was a while that I didn't get that error, so I thought it was sorted, but will try and fix it when next release comes.

As for a update. Here are some stuff I have changed:
*Removed excess of volumetric light on one side of the map. The only volumetric light is the ones that will appear in the 3d skybox.

*Added detail to chandeliers by adding architect around them and adding light casting effects on floor and ceilings. I'm trying to spice up the ceilings

*Added trimmings around all glass floors and the glass ceiling.

*Added empty dispenser to bathrooms and two canisters in maintenance room.

*Remove light beams from the Bar's, felt that having them there is a bit too much.

*Added 3d skybox with volumetric light to simulate light coming in from above. Still trying to figure out how to get a effect with a sun shining through and getting refracted.

As for progress screens, here they are
Edit: Please note, I didn't do the gamma correction on these images, they are darker than what they appear ingame.

These three screens are from the new design I'm thinking of for the chandeliers, I might expand on the design idea and also add it to other places, I already added the frame to the hall with the glass ceiling, looks very nice. If you look close, you can see the trimmings I finished last night.

This is just one of the two health dispensers I have added. I made it empty so that there is more of a rush when trying to fill it up with the canister in the room next door. If this feels a bit unbalanced, I will make the dispensers full and remove one of the canisters.
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