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I'm really sorry for all the postings, I just want to keep this thread updated.

Well here it is, Beta 2 have been released

This is my second release of my submerge map. I'm quite please with how far it has come and is proud to say that it is ready for another release. The release doesn't contain anything drasic, such as new rooms or new layout. It was majorly a update of the performance loss that was experienced on beta 1 and some critics I recieved such as the ceilings and props. The credits still remain the same.

Changes between Beta 1 and 2;

*Removed all volumetric lighting

*Details to the chandeliers were added, by creating trimmings around them and have light casting effects on the ceiling and floor.

*Added metal trimmings around all glass floors.

*Remove light beams from the lounges, also removed light beams from the bars.

*Darken the skybox, outer water and lighting to appear deeper down into the water.

*Removed props that was not needed for atmosphere.

*Added skylights to the halls and the inner lounge.

*Fix prop bugs.

*Fixed few texture bugs, few still remain and will have them fix by the next final release.

*Increased the overall fps where possible.

*Added more npc spawn points.

*Added player clip to the stairs.

*Changed lighting to fit the atmosphere.

*Rework the AI, much more responsive to your presence

*Added the dope fish to the outside

*Added fish swimming around including moon fish, sea catfish, black angelfish.

*Added jellyfish floating around in the distance.

*Changed ceilings textures that is better suited for their area.

*Rework the inner lounge spotlights, added trimmings to them.

*changes were also made to the ceilings in some places.

*fixed a few other bugs

Screenshots of changes.

Shots of the new ceilings

Shot of what the hallway looks like with the new ceiling textures.

You can download Beta 2 here
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