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Default How to improve the mulitplayer maps.

Well for whatever reason they had to take the thread down for this but as badman has said, there is nothing to stop us from posting how we think they could improve the multiplayer element. So let's hear those suggestions what can be improved, what you really enjoyed.

So far:

*Destroyable buildings and more interesting destroyable targets for A&D maps.
*More balanced maps. The BHD TKOTH map desert insertion is definately not how the new maps should be.

Some more of my suggestions:

*Progressive spawn points are great but they should be intergrated into the map more and appear more realistic. Instead of a big glowing pyramid maybe they could be more like a real-world structure such as a tent or transport truck???

*More varied terrains/maps. The BHD maps tend to be mainly city areas which lead to close urban firefights. more open maps that feature hills, woods, villages and rivers would make the maps more interesting in my opinion.

*For city maps there needs to more more building that the player can enter and fire out from. Drainpipes, ladder, ledges and short jumps could allow players to move about at many levels of the map and allows them to hide/move about more.
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