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Here's a few changes over the past week.

-Added hints for npc's to help them with taking cover.

-Increase the performance of the map majorly. Runs smooth most of the time now.

-Added physic traps around the map.

-Added background music, fits well, but I think its copyrighted. Does anyone know where I can find music thats not protected and free to use?

-Changed how the map start.

-Added an outro if you survive long enough.

-Changed npc's for better performance.

Hope to get the some screenshots very soon. I'm going to release it here on editing forum for final testing and once all bugs are ironed out, it will be released as final. If no bugs are found, I'll then release it under completed maps and mods.

The map have also reach 60mb, double the size of Beta 2, and yet its amazingly faster. So there is something in this map to look forward too.
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