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Default Joker: TNT2 - Preliminary feeback & results

Well I finally got my TNT2. I removed the G200 drivers and card, put my new card in and prayed the Lord that it would work.

Me hits the power switch, installs da drivers and keeps his fingers crossed....

Drivers installed fine in less than 2 minutes.. Ah! But will it work?... On the desktop lies an icon that says "SinEd"... Do I dare double-click it?...

Menatally prepared for the worst, I dare (WTF... here goes nothing).

Blabla.. def files loading... Hey! Whaddaya know?... No ding!... Do I dare hope? I load a map, everything appears to be fine (hope rising). I immediately go to the 3D screen (of course) and try hitting the movement keys... WOW!! It's fast...

Now for the real test... Select texture trilinear mode and enlarge the 3D view to full-screen... HOLY COW!! ... I'm moving around as fast as if I would be in the game!! No wait!! Faster! WOOHOO!! Thank You Lord!

Now SinEd... 800 x 600: re-played the first 4 maps of the original game. Not a single crash!! I TRIED to make it crash by going into God mode and use nothing but a ton of explosions (which would ALWAYS make my Voodoo2 crash at some point). Not this guy!

OK, let's get serious now: 1024 x 768, 16 bit color, trilinear textures, shadows on, all the works... Still rock stable AND fast PLUS equisitely good looking. Man! After 2 years of 640 x 480 Voodoo2 fudge, I'm the happiest guy in the world

Just a few things: it's dark and I have to use excessive desktop gamma correction to make the game's bright enough to look right. But the desktop is washed out. Hope to find a way to make both look good without having to set Gamma each time I want to start Sin.

The other thing is: strangely, after playing Sin for a while, SinEd "dings" again and the 3d view is slow again (???) Reboot the system maybe?... Hmmm, same thing. There's a few things I have to figure out here.

So Joker, The only thing I can think of about the problems you have with your Viper770 is maybe like I said, it's not a reference design which maybe make the drivers very different from the Nvidia reference drivers. Also, if you have a Pentium w/socket7 system instead of a Pentium2/slot1 system, this might be the cause also. I read somewhere that socket7 systems can be troublesome with the TNT2 chip in some cases.

If that's not the case, then it's the card IMO. If you can, I suggest you exchange your Viper770 for a Guillemot Xentor32 (which is what I got) or a Hercules Dynamite32 if you can spare the price difference. Even a Creative Blaster TNT2 ultra would do fine cause it's also a "reference design". But the Guillemot is better and less expensive than the Creative (and Diamond too).

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