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Default Re: Joker: TNT2 - Preliminary feeback & results

Yes indeed, I bet you are one happy man. I would be too!

The apartment building I live in has a Virgin records store, Circuit City and 12 screen Movie theatre right downstairs. Needless to say I am never lacking in entertainment or exposure to hardware software.

Virgin Records typically has 4 computers set up running the latest games, and of course all four computers have 3D cards to show off the pretty graphics. Periodically I will go down there to check out the games, so I have seen how beautiful Sin looks in full glorious 3D.

It also gives me the opportunity to play other FPS as well: Halflife, Unreal, Aliens vs Predator, etc... KingPin should be there any day (although I heard it sucks). Each of those games has their strong points, but none impress me as much as Sin, in looks or gameplay. It's just amazing how much of a difference 3D accel makes.

*sigh*, it would be nice to have hardware acceleration for laptops. I have read about one such laptop (can't remember the manufacturer) that boasts onboard 3D accel, but I doubt it is as fully featured as TNT2.

Oh well, I guess I shouldn't expect portability AND power, too.
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