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Default Re: Joker: TNT2 - Preliminary feeback & results

Yeah, actually just this afternoon, I borrowed my sister's monitor (a plain Princeton 15") for a couple of hours and hooked it up to my box since I wasn't totally sure the card was responsible for the problem.

To my great joy and satisfaction, the image turned out perfect (absolutely gorgeous in fact) on her monitor. So now, I'm almost sure the problem is my monitor and not the card.

Got a Mag DX17F which I've had for 4 years now. And it's got a LOT of mileage. Been using it almost every day since. So the picture tube is probably running out of breath. You see, it's been overdriven by a boosted VGA signal from my Cybex Commander switchbox during all that time.

But there's also another possibility: maybe the amplitude of the VGA signal at the output of the Guillemot is a little bit under average which might cause it to be incompatible with some monitors.

Reinstalling my Matrox G200 and bypassing my Cybex switchbox will give me the definite answer.

When I run the signal through the Cybex, the VGA signal is re-amplified by the electronics inside to compensate for the extra VGA cable length. This makes the blue text problem disappear but I lose in picture sharpness and clarity because of the induced noise from the extra amplifier stage.

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