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Default Re: I had boss battles

Okay, first off, I thought that the beast had to be brought out just to show the kind of devistation it could cause, plowing through stuff like there was no tomorrow along with the fact of what it could do to you. In later games I see this as being a formitable enemy.

Now, for the Halo topic; Why do people enjoy that game so much? I beat Halo 1 and played through most of Halo 2. Both are pretty standard shooters, most of the time the graphics kinda blurr together since the bloom is up pretty high in attempts to mask the fact that their graphics are still somewhat sub-par. Bloom can make ANYTHING look a bit nicer. Try putting it up on Jedi Academy. Same graphics, just a lit more light. It also had very little in the way of unpredictability. Enemies were easily taken down. In all honesty, if a fanboy were to step back and REALLY take a look at it, take an honest look, they'd see it doesn't offer many new things if anything. Dual wielding? Play Unreal Tornament. The vehicles aren't much to speak of, nor is the ally AI seeing as they're stupid enough to walk into a grenade laying in the ground. Multiplayer I hear is what makes Halo, but honestly, its still pretty much the same feeling. Global Operations gave me more of a kick in terms of multiplayer and it has serious issues to work out!
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