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Default Re: PLEASE NO

Well, here's what I don't like about Steam:
1.Background issues:

Steam will run in the background period (unless you turn it off via MSConfig) It's trying to be a RAM hog, but you can prevent that to an extent.

Steam will run in the background whenever you play HL2 (or any other Steam-based game). RAM hog.


Steam doesn't ask you if you want to update your game, it auto-updates on you w/out warning, often -- this is uncalled for, more so, on the SP portion of Half-Life 2. I shouldn't have to be forced to update HL2 for the SP product, if I want to or not. It should ASK me if I want to or not -- you should update, of course, but it sholdn't just do it for me suddenly. Single player portions of games should not make me deal w/ the Internet unless I so choose to -- hence the word Single in Single Player.

Now, on Multiplayer portions, the auto-updating makes more sense to me -- b/c for Multiplayer, you need a Net connection to play the game. Though, I should be warned that this game needs and update and then once I agree to it, the game will just do it.

3.What if Valve Closes?

Not going to happen soon, but just for the sake of argument, since that say might come some NUMEROUS years down the road say Valve closes their doors tomorrow for whatever reason -- they quit gaming, they lost $, whatever the reason is -- don't matter, all we know is Valve's gone.

Now, Half-Life 2 does work offline (for some). I've had it work offline, once my DSL connection to the Net's shut off. So, we're all set, there -- I think, unless some other issue arises.

What happens to all the Half-Life 2 players who want to play Half-Life 2 on MP? Steam is Valve's core, so what happens now? Will Steam be removed? Or will they release a patch so the MP portion of the game can run independantly of Steam? Or are we not stuck w/ a MP portion that won't work b/c Valve left the business?

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