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Default Handling crashes in HC mode?

Probably asked and answered -- but here is the lazy bum's question anyhow: is there any way, should SiN Ep crash while running in HC mode, to restore the game (since SG feature is disabled), or at least submit the statistics at the time of crash?

I've seen a crash in at least two places in the game -- one in se1_highrise02, in the cubicle area on the first floor -- I could not reproduce this one, so it might be driver / stability related; the other one is most definitely gameplay related. It occurs in se1_finale01, in the final secret area (Supremacy Tower upside down) -- after I complete the first floor and emerge on the second, there is an alcove to the left with Jetpack Grunts in it. A few of them fly out immediately; a few more remain there, but can be heard by their jetpack sound. The bright idea was to lob a grenade there to take them out; this resulted in a crash anytime I tried.

I was running the latest version from Steam.

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