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Imagine this
Two players are hunkered down in a room waiting for the enemy to come around the corner. All of a sudden the faint sound of a grenade flying into the room and landing in the corner alerts both players. One of the players yells out “OH NO ITS FLASH DANCE FEVER! GET OUT NOW!” One player begins to dive around the corner but it’s too late. The rhythmic sound of chalk boards being scratched to a disco beat take over his head phones as the screen goes into a kaleidoscope effect with dancing virgins like the beginning of a James Bond flick. After this continues for 45 seconds a CT finally finds his character playing a curled up in a ball animation in the corner of the room. He shoots him to save his sorry ass from another 15 seconds of disco fever. On his screen a message appears that simply says “You aer hte losAr!!!1111”

Sometimes its not just a feature. ITS PART OF THE GAME!!!!!!
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