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Default SIGNED The Petition For The Other Half Of DS

I said it on the Steam forums and I'm going to say it again. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

!!!! SIGNED !!!!

More Condition Zero from Ritual PLEASE (I don't call it DS because this is what CZ should have been !!!!).

I think we the gamers, the BUYERS (->hint to VALVe) HAVE RIGHT to get full Condition Zero, because Turtle Rock didn't did do anything, all credits go to Ritual, they made models, maps, sound,... and than they got kicked out and Turtle Rock just had to use the maps and make bots do like people do in normal online-CS.

<font color="red">We, my fellow gamers, we have the right on the full Condition Zero and I also do a call to Ritual, and ask them if they have anything left of Condition Zero to publish it to us, the people who care about it, because don't expect to get anything from VALVe (they kicked you out the CZ-project, remember).</font>
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