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Exclamation Video Problem--Please Help!

As I run around the map on the very first mission (just after the tutorial), often times the walls--and even objects too--in an area in front of me will disappear, revealing what I assume is beyond the outermost walls of the map on all sides: It looks like maybe a Borg hive at a great distance. Or maybe what I'm seeing is just glitched video crap--I can't be sure. Sometimes, if I look away slightly, the glitched area will go away and the walls and objects will return. Look back, and the glitch returns. This does not happen in the tutorial part of the game.

If the above sounds vague, well I dunno how to make a screenshot in this game to show you exactly what I mean.

I've had this problem with this game on another computer, so it must be a problem in the game software (I guess).

I'm running the game on WinXP Pro w/ SP3. I'm using a GeForce4 Ti 4600 @ 128MB VRAM, and that with the latest drivers.

Please help! :O

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