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Default Re: Video Problem--Please Help!

There are two options I can think of:
  1. Your Drivers do not well with the Game (your driver is not supporting OpenGL the way it should!)
  2. A other software is interfering.

I suggest you first try to disable all other software before you try other drivers.
Shut down all other software!
Software that is know to create effects like this:
  • Screen/Desktop Recoder (especially the Free Software)
  • In-Game Recorder (especially the Free Software)
  • Video Player (especially VLC)
  • Instant Messenger (especially MSN!)
  • Other Games
  • Tunning Tools
  • Vista Specials like 3d Effects (try to run the game in full-screen)

Please provide a screenshot first before you do anything on the drivers software (Ingame Press [F11]), they are saved in:
C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\base\screenshots\ (english version)
C:\Programe\Activision\EF2\base\screenshots\ (german version)

If you have troubles to open the screenshots you can use Irfan View to open them
(free and clan, I use it my self since years)
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