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Arrow Re: Video Problem--Please Help!

Yes, it did help, but only somewhat. It corected the problem but created a different other video problem. Sometimes backgrounds would be not shown, just blank, black screen in which the models and all are set against.

Like at the end of that first Borg round, when you beat it, the ship leaves the Sphere to join several other UFP ships. The background is supposed to be pretty stars and nebulas and cool space stuff. But, as I said, that background is not shown.

Likewise at Starfleet Academy when you look out of a window or go outside one of the buildings, there's nothing in the horizon or sky but pitch-black starless night. :/

But nevermind that: That computer that I had that problem with died and now I'm using a different computer with a completely different video-card. So I don't have any of those problems anymore.

I do, however, have a much differnet problem. I guess I should make a new thread for that.... Here it is:

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