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Default Re: Warning - Important Topic

Originally posted by djbell:
Also put into perspective that there are plenty of pirates out there that do so because they truly can't afford it or aren't old enough to procure a credit card. In those cases, the user is not a potential customer anyway.

Then there's the people who have their own moral code and illegitimately try a game before they go out and buy it, as some of you do with music. Umm. I know... a guy that does that. But seriously, I buy literally every single game I play (I did not do this with SE1 because I'm an old school fan and would have bought it even if the reviews were on par with Gigli).

In both of these cases, illegial digital media distribution has a positive effect on purchases and advertising. I think if it were possible to do a LEGITIMATE piracy study that took the above two components (and other positive forces) into consideration, piracy would be found to be a far less serious problem than it's considered by label lawyers. I hate label lawyers.

Sorry about the rant, I was one of the first guys busted for running an MP3 server back during the birth of the Internet so I've done a lot of research and thinking about the issue.

Every time I hear arguments that are pro-piracy, I keep thinking back to one of my favorite games of all time, "Incubation: Time is Running Out." It was an amazing game, and sold well enough for an expansion pack.

The expansion pack was one of the first games to use SafeDisc. The expansion pack outsold the original game.

As far as I'm concerned, that's all the evidence I need that piracy hurts sales. The "one pirated copy != one sale lost" is a nice "feel-good" argument, but in this case, it does equal one less meal for my family, one less bill paid, less funding for support, testing, development, level design, art, etc.

So as far as I'm concerned, pirates can go *bleep* themselves up the *bleep* with a big rubber *bleep*, then break it off and beat themselves to death with it.
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