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Thanks for the tip! I tried that one time w/o much success. I'll try it again and really really haul ass this time! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

But, you know, I'm beginning to think that since I ran past the first few secrets w/o finding them, that my game experience differered from the game experience of those that find all? or most? secrets. And sure enough, when I restarted the game and found all of the secrets, my game path was very different from the first time. So I'm beginning to suspect that my experience in the cooler room will differ this time around. I guess we better find those durn secrets, eh ?

Perhaps the game (and this is a question I'd like answered) is impossible to win (get to the end of) w/o finding most of the secrets along the way. Does this mean that we can't just barrel along as fast as we want but must linger to find secrets??????

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