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Originally posted by CommanderZx2:
Originally posted by Xenogenetic:
Why play Halo2 when HL2 is out for xbox.
IGN gave Half-Life 2 9.4 on the Xbox.
IGN gave Halo 2 9.8 on the Xbox.

Something wrong with those reviewers.
I think of the .4 difference like this. Halflife 2 had been out for a year on PC before it got to the X-Box, was an inferior version of the original game, and featured no multiplayer of any kind. Halo 2 came out a year earlier than Halflife 2, featured graphics that have been rivaled by only a few other games on the system since, had system link multiplayer, X-Box Live multiplayer, co-op multiplayer, and traditional death match. That said, I think the time difference between the games was the largest factor in Halflife 2 getting an inferior score. Games that seemed fantastic at the time, like Crimson Skies or Fable, now are more or less pedestrian by today's standards as games become more beautiful, more fun to play, and packaged with higher production values like an excellent story or A-list voice actors. Also note that the PC version of Halflife 2 got a 9.7 when it originally came out, and the editors for IGN PC judge games far more harshly than the console reviewers do. If a tuned up version of Halo 2 came out tomorrow for PC, believe it, it'd score in the high eights or low nines just because of how much time has passed since it was originally released. The end.
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