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Default Re: CSX file formats??? Help please...

Now I could be wrong, but every EULA i've ever seen includes a bit about reverse engineering content and the legal stipulations. CSX content is probably restricted to use on the X-Box platform, exclusively. Realisticly, the chances of anybody hounding you about it, especially for personal use only, are slim to none.

on to the file formats -

What you're looking at are X-Box exclusive file formats that probably require specific libraries that are native to that system in order to be read. Typical console approach. As such, the only way to read those files is if you have access to the X-Box development tools (yes, i recognize the 'wad' part of the file extension as quake-engine native wad files - trust me, they are not). They're roughly $10k and included with an X-box dev kit, which M$ only distributes to development studios. You're more than welcome to keep trying but don't expect good results.
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