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Default Re: Problem with controls

Hey, I'm new and I came here because I was looking for this issue as well. I'm glad you all are responding on here and helping people out, hats off to you guys for being in the forums.

So why is +left/+right disabled with mouselook? I think it's safe to assume if the player doesn't want to be able to turn left and right with the keys they just won't press them...

In every FPS for the past decade or so I've been able to turn via keyboard while moving the mouse at the same time. It gives a little speed boost so I don't have to be rolling the mouse so wildly that I cannot aim. My gameplay coordination's kinda built around that, so not having that throws me off a bit. I'd really like this functionality with SE:1, and it seems counter-intuitive that it's disabled. Any way you guys could enable that?


-- Joren
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