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Default Re: Half-Life 2 out soon!

Valve was chastised, nothing overly wrong about it, from what the hacker has said (I believe the hacker, so far he hasn't lied) Valve has had the game done, polished, and ready to go, but are delaying to maximise their profits. As for Valve "wasting" 4 developers time, no, no they didn't, the developers were fully paid.
As for talent, talk to someone you personally know and ask about the source engine code, I was sorely disappointed. The Havoc engine is genius through and through, the source engine pales in comparison, and at times, does some very odd things. (NB I do not know the hacker, have any idea who he is, and what I said about the code came from a programmer from my univ who excels in c++ and was laughing at a lot of valve's code) I'm not laughing though, kinda disappointed.
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