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Default Re: For pirated version owners

Originally Posted by Grandpapa View Post
Here is my Support for you.
This appears to be against forum rules just as much as posting or suggesting warez.

This is not to say that my version of SiN Episodes is pirated (in fact, it's legit -- the reason is that the game is not incredibly popular (even a decent walkthrough is pretty hard to find), and Steam service, with its recent updates, becomes harder to exploit; hence, obtaining a pirated version would have been much more hassle in this case than simply purchasing the game via Steam). But pirates are not idiots; software piracy today is a largely non-trivial pastime (especially with the advent of online distribution and authentication mechanisms) and definitely requires IQ far above 25. While, unfortunately, the majority of pirates in the United States do seem to have the mentality of thieves ("don't tell anyone, I'm nice and fluffy" attitude, i.e. doing this underground, rather than openly -- hence the general dislike of them in the gaming community, I suppose), at least some pirates are either (or both):

1) Those who understand that the whole "theft" analogy is off --information cannot be likened to physical property since information's nature (unlike that of tangible goods) is to be shared and replicated, and hence copyright and patent laws, in their present form (essentially, giving a software publisher almost unrestricted control over distribution of a certain piece of information), are, arguably, a mistake that history did make -- in particular, allowing Microsoft and others to exploit such laws to make excessive and undeserved profit;

2) Those who like challenges; you may like playing the game in Arena or HardCorps mode -- they like finding ways around authentication mechanisms in others' programs. You may go legal vs. illegal here, but not everything legal is right, just like not everything illegal is wrong.

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