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Default * * Ctf Lunacy UPDATED VERSION 02/11/03* *


Im Relesing an updated version of the map, The previous version (31/10/03 Release) has some issues ive now fixed.

If you have a version older than 2/11/03 you have an old version.

Im compiling the new version at the moment, here is an insert from the new readme with a list of fix's and updates to the map. Sorry for any inconveniance, ill have it posted on the net as soon as its ready.

Ive taken the old one down for now.

((*UPDATED RELEASE!!!!: 2/11/03*))

Please note that if you have the 31/10/03 version you are out of date.
I have re released the map with some bug fixes that dident come up untill the map was out, ive now fixed these.

* BUG FIXES SINCE 31/10/03 *

!AAH! Telsia Skin: Fixed an issue with her hair bun not drawing making her head look hollow
Lighting: Fixed some areas that were to dark, Like the center of the map
Texture misalignments: Fixed several textures in the red base that went bad during the blue base
red base copy paste process.
Red Flag: Fixed an issue with the red flag not sitting on the stand correctly
Specalties rooms: Fixed an issue with the transporter effects not working.
The Specalties transporters now stand out more and you can see them more clearly.

Sorry for any inconveniance for anyone who downloaded the older version but many will agree
these bug fixes make a better map.

Please tell anyone else you know that an updated version is out and get them to replace theirs ASAP

- James Nukem - !AAH! Clan Productions.
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