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Default Ritual Question. Re: Game Won\'t Run W/O Vid Card.

I'm stuck with a 2 year old Hewlett Packard 6636...Your basic all around, local off the floor Wall Mart computor. I never could get a video card to work... I've tried Nvidia, Pony etc. It's got one of Intels wonderful goofed up built in 11mb video boards without proper bios to work around it.

Anyways, I can run STVEF wonderfuly... Holomatch runs at lightning speed with well constructed maps, even though it requires a video card. NOLF, RTCW and other games run great too, without a special add on video card.

But, I notice as time progresses, new games come out... NOLF 2 and Americas Army for instance... They will not run.

NOLF 2 gives me an error saying no NVidia drivers found, no video card of acceptable size found (or simualar wording) Americas Army is the same story [img]/forums/images/icons/frown.gif[/img] It just seems to me whoever produced NOLF 2 put that programming in to help support the video card industry.
Had I'd known the video card incompatibility with this Intel board.. I would have never bought it. But sadly, I'm stuck with it for the next few years I'm afraid [img]/forums/images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

My question is this.... Will EF2 be programed with the same error codes?

I pray it isn't! I do hope it's a recommended card requirment, like STVEF. So poor people like me can at least run it.

Thanks for your time here... It's somthing that has bothered me these monthes while awaiting EF2's release.

PS: Sorry that I was so lengthy [img]/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif[/img] for one simple question.
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