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I think I found out why hl2 was delayed. Apparently in these last few days of testing before going gold, they found a flaw in the engine. Seemingly, if you try to exit from any of the game's menus it deletes a couple Windows system files while doing some other shit, here's the exact quote.
Gabe had this to say when the issue was made public:

"Valve has been working around the clock making Half-Life 2 as good as it can be before release. Just recently a slight flaw was found in the Source engine. The engine ties itself in an unpredicatable way to the Windows os upon installation. We are currently tackling this unforseen issue where many Windows files are either deleted or corrupted when a user exits the game through any means other then using Task Manager to shut it down. We thought game users would use the Windows boot disk to fix the problem every time it happened. This is not the case, when deleting the system files, apparently Half-Life 2 modifies your bios setting and destroys command prompt. Because of these unforseen problems, we cannot release the game for our projected September 30th release date" - Gabe Oldwell.
This post is a joke and in no way represents the truth, do not sue please.
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