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Default Re: Arena_MeatLoop_Beta

I like this map!

I do a have a few things I want to suggest however.

First and foremost, I found there were some spot around the map that were player clipped that, I personally don't think need to be player clipped.

For instance:
This stretch between these pillar things were clipped and I couldn't use it for a little bit of cover because of that. Although I did find that other spots between pillars down in that basement were not player clipped!

Also, in the stairwell going from the basement to the surface, I didn't like having the corners clipped there either, I don't like the feeling that I'm forcefully being pushed/urged in a direction. I understand that you probably did it to "smooth" out movement and/or to help people from getting stuck, but I found it to be more of an annoyance and restriction than anything.

Just an asthetic issue, but I would suggest closing that up or doing something nice with it other than to leave it open to the skybox, the casual player won't notice it but it's eye catching to FPS vets.

And one more observation. In the outside crate area, I found that the majority of that was unused during actual combat gameplay... dead space so to speak. I usually went straight from the porch thing to the stairwell, the enemies seemed to like to do the same thing even if I hid in the crates area.

The map played really well, the enemy placement is great in my opinion, it flows very smoothly, and it doesn't destroy my frames per second when the going gets tough!

Ritual handing out beta's of their maps...! :O
I like it.

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