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Default Re: CZ is out on October 1st **REAL**

ok, some things i need to explain. your reply to my post shows you have no comprehension of what i was trying to say. I didn't say i believed this guy what i said was that im glad he posted. i hate when people try to be helpfull and others tell them not to post unless this or that.
Also in reply to your whole no gone gold no ship theory, if you have been following these forums or overall following cz, you would see how different this game's release has become as compared to a normal development process (make the game, go gold, ship). I would not be surprised if cz has already been mass produced and the changes to 1.6 will be patched for cz when it is officially released.
Now i know the chances of this store in canada having copys and selling them early are slim, but if he gets it tommorrow i would like to know how i can get to playing.
Oh. I comprehend dood. I just disagree with how you call posting unsubstantiated, uninvestigated, speculative, items as being "helpful". If you want to come to his defense, then you choose your side of the silly forum "back 'n' forth" we have going on here. (and I'm doing it for laughs, and because I do think it was an idiotic post).

Now...your comment on
if you have been following these forums or overall following cz...
You see that date under my name where it shows Forum Member Since... even that date is bad because fo some forum SNAFU's. I have been a member here since Rituals first game "SiN"... I think I know how they typically do things. They are smarter than you imply.

Associate with "Dolt's" and someone is gonna think you are one....

Your lucky CMB hasn't read his little post and decided to comment. You'd think I was AimZor's best friend if he did.

And to wrap it all up...scroll up to his original URL he posted and see what it says on that site now???

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