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Default Re: CZ is out on October 1st **REAL**

I have been a member here since Rituals first game "SiN"... I think I know how they typically do things. They are smarter than you imply.
I never doubted Ritual. How am I saying they're not smart? Valve is the one holding the game from release. Like I said, if you had been following.......
If you want to come to his defense, then you choose your side of the silly forum "back 'n' forth" we have going on here.
I'm not hiding now that the date has changed and it doesn't bother me that it didn't come out (aside from the obvious, i want the game). I took his defense against you because these forums have nothing going on and he was trying to be "helpful." If we were on maybe, SteamPowered forums I might agree with you. Over here we get threads like "p00p" and thats it for a whole day.
ok, he seems to be wrong in his assumptions and contacts, woop-te-doo. Not like i missed out on anything.
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