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Default Re: Suggestion about fixing the mutagen system

Originally posted by ertertwert:
That's what I meant by "Tactical strategies," but like I already said, I don't think it's very fun.
The idea of having to carry giant canisters in front of my face doesn't strike me as very fun either. And even with doing that, the gas isn't useful. I actually ended up avoiding clouds at times, simply because it slowed the game down too much. I don't want to spend five seconds staring at me reloading a shotgun, I want it to be done in half a second and blasting away again.

Lets use Max Payne as an example, as others have... in Max Payne, when you go into slo-mo, Max -still- moves at a decent rate of speed. It's like the -rest- of the world slows down a lot, and he slows down only a little, or not at all. This makes it fun. This makes you seem 'bad-ass'. Being stuck in the same slo-mo as everyone else? That's boring.
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