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Default Re: Suggestion about fixing the mutagen system

Originally posted by David_Grove:
Originally posted by Switchblade_Honey:
My suggestion is basically the same system, except that the mutagen kicks in automatically when combat starts.

The reason I think that's better is that the player has probably already mapped the easy-to-reach keys to the core functions. So reaching for the bullet-time key is going to be non-intuitive - if something really bad comes round the corner, you will end up fumbling the key or hesitating and getting killed.

That bit after you hack the ID barrier, when a grunt comes right round the corner - it would have been nice to have a bit of mutagen kick in.
See, problem with that would be annoyence. I don't want mutagen kicking in ever time just one enemy pops around the corner. That and it would annoy the hell out of players that don't even need it. And putting a check box for auto-mutagen would be redundent because it would get so annoying that you'd be forced to turn it off, especially in areas where its not that big a struggle. So in the end, if you do store it up it would be best to use a key stroke rather than a system judging worthyness of use of mutagen which might be more valuable later on.
He didn't say anything about storing it. If you don't want the mutangen effect, then don't walk through the green haze, much like it already is now.

There should be canisters that you can place in the health dispensers so you can get a quick bust of the stuff, that would be funny, useless, but funny.
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