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Default Re: badman Writes Long Post, Steps Into Teleporter and Disappears

man, that just sucks. not just badman's departure, but the whole goddamn mess that has overtaken ritual.

it just occurred to me today that there hasn't been any new sin episode, or any news out of ritual at all lately, which prompted me to check out the goings on here. lordy.

i say without hyperbole that i consider this the end of an era in gaming.

learning that ritual was taking up the sin torch again was great, and this is a tremendous disappointment. now i feel kind of guilty for not buying emergence on release. (i hate the episodic gaming trend, i'd planned to just wait for them all and play them at once. i still havn't bought the half life 2 episodes either.)

sin did things that today, 8 years later, still aren't being done. even back with scourge of armagon it was obvious these cats were ahead of the curve.

and somehow, mysteriously, companies like raven whose design is literally trapped in goddamn 1997 continue to see apparent success, though i suppose my abject disdain of raven software is neither here nor there.

well, you guys worked some magic, hope you find success elsewhere.
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