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Default Blue Screen of Death when loading New Game

When I try to start a new game of Sin Episodes the game begins to load and then the loading bar locks exactly halfway. After about 30 seconds I get a terrible screeching noise from my speakers and the game produces a distorted blue screen of death error and restarts my PC (so distorted and fast you cannot write down the error code).

After this occured I updated the drivers to my video and sound card. And still i get the same problem, I dropped all my graphical and sound settings to low and again the same problem occurs.

I am running the most update version of windows xp and direct x.

I am running: Windows XP Home
ATI Radeon X800XL video card (ATI brand)
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Venice Core
Corsair XMS 1gb RAM
MSI nforce 4 motherboard

I dont know what other info may help, other than the error code produced but it only appears or a second and it is distorted, so it cannot be read anyways.

On a side note, what song is that playing in the startup menu?
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