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Default Re: Warp core breach

I pretty much know what to do here about this Warp Core problem. Anyhoo, here's what you must do:

After killing off the Idryll in the storeroom and the ones that rush you, you must importantly go back to the Health and Energy Terminal. Once your done, go run off and watch the main entrance to the Main Engineering get closed, but keept going into one of the doors.

By then, Reginald Barclay, the Chief Engineer of the Enterprise, will say:

"The Warp Core is over heating, everyone out."

Once all the other engineers left, Barclay will also simply say:

"Munro, over here."

SAVE YOUR GAME HERE!! Once you go up to Barclay, a small cutsene will starting, showing the two unarmed female Idryll place a bomb on one of the Warp Core's and when they disappear, the bomb explodes.

By then, Barclay will tell you repel the Idryll invaders from making Warp Core go critical. Watch were you shooting, otherwise Barclay will yell at you to watch were your doing. Sooooo, just shoot the Idryll. :P

It's best to get out the Compression Rifle like Barclay did and shot off the Idryll. Everytime you kill them off, each round of male Idryll while shoot at you while the two female Idryll's(the females are all unarmed of course). After your done repelling the Idryll in the Main Engineering, Barclay will run to his computer on the left near the core and let out the other engineers. One of the engineers(I think he's Jerry Mobutio) will say to you:

"Munro, use your Tricorder on the main engineering console to bleed off energy from the Core."

Quickly run up to the main Warp Core console to use your Tricorder there.

Barclay: "Hurry, or were all dead."

After your done, here an important note:

<<<<<{If the Warp Core is nearly or not Critical}>>>>>

If you were able to get rid of the two female Idryll that manage the bombs on certain areas around the core and/or missed once in killing them both in one of the rounds, the Engineer(possibly Jerry)will not only tell you to use your Tricorder on the console, here's this:

If you did very well in repelling the Idryll, it will not be nesscesary to eject the Warp Core after all! So as a result, it won't be nesscesary of Barclay to give you the job to do that.

<<<<{If the Warp Core is nearly about to explode}>>>>

If you had failed to get rid of the Idryll females that place the bombs around the areas of the core and got of them in some of the rounds, and/or you shot at it by accident(or on purpose when you want to watch the cutsence of the Enterprise explode); you'll have to not only kill the Idryll off and go to the main engineering consule, but here's this:

When the computer says that the Warp Core temperature is at critical levels, Barclay will then give you a password to eject it. But be warned, if your playing on normal and hard, here are the differences when the core's temperature is getting higher and higher:

Normal: the core's temperature rises every 3 minutes.

Very hard: the core's temperature rises every 20 or 30 seconds.(I'm not lying.)

Quickly run to the right side nearby the core to find a small console and quickly get out your Tricorder to type in the password to eject the Warp Core and save Enterprise from destruction(for now). Note that you don't have to remember the password Barclay gave you by writiing it down for example, it's displayed in the bottom screen of your Tridcorder.

Barclay(happily): "We did it!"

By then, Telsia will then call out for your help.

Telsia(panicing): "Munro, we need you on the bridge, were getting overrun!"

Munro: "I'm on my way."

Munro: "Barclay, power up the Turbolift."

Barclay: "I'm on it!"

<<<<<{Secret}>>>>&gt ;

After your done, go up the ladder on the left of the Warp Core near Barclay to a Jefferies Tube and once in there, go down another ladder to get the Golden Starship!

Now, quickly head off to the Turbolift by going to the left and go to the right to find it to end the this part of the level. By then, Telsia will get impatient.

Telsia(impatiently):"Munro where are you, we need you on the bridge!"

Well, that's it, that is the whole part of the Warp Core section I just worked very hard to type it all here. Plus, just to let you know, I'm a new person here on the forums! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]
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