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Exclamation SiN: Retribution - first screenshot

2008 starts with a surprise for you Sin fans who are still here!

I unofficially announce my recreation of Sin "II", the game that never was, and the game that I hoped Sin Episodes would become. But since Episodes is cancelled (I've been a die-hard Sin fan for a LONG time and... even I don't believe it will ever return) and Emergence left much to be desired in my opinion, and because everybody and your aunt on these forums cried out for someone to make a mod, well, here's my part.

This announcement is unofficial because it's not time yet to go around screaming "I have a Sin mod in the works and you'll play it soon!" The truth is, I'm doing this project completely alone - and no, I do not accept applications to join in - which means that it will take me probably quite a while to get the basics of what I have in mind done on the computer. I won't do this mod on Sin Episodes; I'll do it with the Source SDK, i.e. Half-Life 2 and the related games. It's the only way to get the newest version of the engine and the source code which I cannot do without. Because what I'm planning is not simply a few maps, it's new weapons, new dialogue, new textures, monsters, characters. It is what I would want Sin II to be and that's more than Emergence can offer. Still, I'm doing this thing myself because a) I know I have all the knowledge and resources to make it, just give me time and b) there aren't many people around willing to commit spare time and having the technical expertise to help. I've lead another game creation project before and it never worked, simply because there were not enough true talents and there were creative differences.

This mod/TC will be officially announced once I open the website at, which is a subspace at my pinball site. But that will take a while! So you guys are the first to see this (click to enlarge):

No doubt you know what this place is. And you betcha it's in the game.

The story is completely done. I took the advice of some people around here and started writing the plot before even opening Hammer. Although it's only the second time that I've written a game story from scratch, it's very cinematic, it has character development and a lot of action and suspense, and guess who will make an appearance...! Running down the plot as it is now, the game will have 16 levels (not maps). And this is the logo:

If you've looked closely at the screenshot, you might have noticed the new textures. In fact these are remakes of the HARDCORPS HQ textures from Sin 1. Here's a sample:

That'll be all. Any questions or comments right into this thread, I'll keep looking!

My pinball hobby website -
SiN: Retribution -

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