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Default Re: An Unbiased Review

I'll list the maps, but people* are having huge problems with the game crashing so they* still haven't got through the first level.
World Map:

Counter Terrorist training - this is the central headquarters and training facility for Counter-terrorists ... (eastern US)

Recoil - An army blackhawk has been shot down. Casualties ... (Africa)

Turn of the Crank - It is suspected that an urban drug ring ... (northwest America)

Drug Lab - Intel has reported that a highly organized drug cartel ... (Columbia I think)

Downed Pilot - A helicopter has been shot down near a mining compound in the jungles of Argentina... (Argentina duh)

Rise Hard - A group of political radicals has taken over a high rise building... (UK or England what's the diff?)

Motorcade Assault - A European terrorist organization has come to prominence... (I think north Spain. and, prominence? what were you/they thinking? lol)

Alamo - The US embassy in Yipiti... (Yipiti i guess)

Secret War - Rebels have taken over a remote missle complex in Russia... (northern Russia)

Hankagai - The safety of this vip is vital. his tour of... (located around Singapore, even though it's obviously Japanaese)

Lost Cause - While on vacation in the Philippines, a group of German nationals... (looks like in Thailand)

and those are all the maps on the world map with only recoil and training unlocked. of course it was hard to come by this info as I personally DON'T* have this leak. bahaha
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